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Michael Arnett graduated from Wake Forest University in 2008 as a Presidential Scholar in Art with a concentration in printmaking.  At Wake Forest Arnett became a third-generation student of Robert Rauschenberg while studying lithography and intaglio under Professor David Faber.  He earned Masters’ Degrees in both Art and Social Studies from Converse College in 2010 while studying silk-screen and lithography under Professor Andrew Blanchard.  From 2010-2019 Arnett built an award -winning visual arts program at Whale Branch Early College High School in Beaufort, S.C. where he was the only visual arts teacher.  He moved to Charleston, S.C. in 2019 hoping to build a full-time career as a visual artist.  

Arnett practices many different styles of art while using a vast variety of media.  Although currently working predominately in oil, he likes to vary the medium to keep it interesting.  Being a hyper-realist artist of the traditional colored pencil, oil, acrylic, ink and graphite, Arnett can create life-like works of any image from photography.  He has done many commissioned works from either photographs he takes or from personal buyer favorites.   

Arnett also has a more abstract side to his art where his colors are bold and his works are more conceptually based.  Oil painting is a strong outlet for creating abstract representational paintings where the backgrounds dance and slash color around a minimalized unredacted figure or object.  He often utilizes his printmaking training to create such abstract works using several printmaking processes:  intaglio, lithography, relief, monotype and silk screen.  

With any style or medium, Arnett can create a one-of-a-kind artwork for you.  Anything that you imagine, he can create.  Any emotion or feeling, he can convey.  Contact him and craft a perfect addition to your home today!

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